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anti-oxidation-pellets are added to existing solder bath to reduce the amount of dross formation. depending on the base alloy the dross formation can be reduced drastically. the soldering and wetting quality will maintain much more stable over a longer period of time. also depending on the used alloy, the formulation of the required anti-oxidation-pellets va- ries. Lead-free and lead containing, with phosphorus or germanium. the required amount depends on each single process.

Barres de soudure Stannol...

Stannol Solder Bars SN100C

Lead-Free Alloy SN100C in bars, made exclusively from virgin raw materials.
The total absence of recycled metals ensures a very low production of drosses.

Desoldering braid Length...

No-clean desoldering braid for the quick and reliable removal of solder. Further purification is not required under normal conditions the solder is quickly absorbed, the desoldering time is reduced and component overheating is minimised.